Poker Tourneys - Cash Prizes, Free to Play

Poker Tourneys - Cash Prizes, Free to Play




(For info on Poker at Greenville Center, Click Here)

Free Texas Hold 'Em tournaments every Monday & Tuesday at the Rockwall location!  Two tournaments each night, starting at 7pm and 9:30pm.  Sanctioned by and professionally moderated by the World Poker Tour Amateur Poker League.  Win cash and qualify for big cash rolls & regional tournaments with even more prizes!  Go all in!


Nightly Sessions

  • 7pm Tournament: 1st Place - $25 Gift Card                       2nd Place - $15 Gift Card
  • 9:30 Tournament: 1st Place - $25 cash & $25 Gift Card       2nd Place - $20 Gift Card


Monthly Tournament

$350 1st Place Prize

  • Monthly tournament open to anybody.  No previous playing requirments.
  • The top 16 players each session (a “session” is any Monday or Tuesday night tournament at Shenaniganz) get 500 extra chips for the "Big Tournament". Get a clear and demonstrable advantage over those who did not play as much- potentially as much as 7,500 more than the normal starting stack of 10,000!
  • 2 tiered prize pool for the tournament. To win the Tier 2 (higher) Prize level a player would have to play in at least 10 sessions during the month.  There are 4 sessions every week (2 on Monday night & 2 on Tuesday night.)
  • Tier 2 Prize Level - If 1st, 2nd or 3rd place players played in 10 sessions during the month, their respective take would be:
    • First – $350
    • Second - $50 Cash & $50 Gift Card
    • Third - $30 Cash & $30 Gift Card
  • Tier 1 Prize Level - If 1st, 2nd or 3rd place players didn't play in 10 sessions during the month their respective take would be:
    • First - $100 cash
    • Second - $30 cash
    • Third - $20 cash


Click HERE for more info on WPT APL at Shenaniganz.


Greenville Location

Hold 'Em is in Greenville too!  This is a more informal affair, but still great fun with great food and drinks!  Self-moderated by players, these tournaments are for fun only.  They start Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday nights at 7pm.  If you're coming up to play, please call 903-455-2065 to confirm it's happening that day (occassionaly Group Events take up the rooms where poker happens).



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